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“Crypto Asset Service Providers & Cryptos: Registration, Legal Issues & AML Implications” Seminar

Senior Partner, Michalis Kamperis, at Cyprus Fiduciary Association Seminar, “Crypto Asset Service Providers & Cryptos: Registration, Legal Issues & AML Implications” | Nicosia, September 8th 2022


In his speech concerning the regulatory framework, conditions & legal challenges of the Registration of Crypto Asset Providers with CYSEC, our partner, Mr. Kamperis, mainly addressed the following issues, providing essential insights on a topic that can be characterized as both extremely interesting yet rather challenging.


  • Current legislative framework for crypto asset services providers in Cyprus
  • What is a crypto-asset?
  • Who is a Crypto Asset Services Provider (CASP)?
  • Financial Services Relating to Distribution, Offering and Sale of Crypto-Assets
    Travel Rule
  • Main CASP-related points concerning the Prevention and Suppression of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Law
  • CySEC Directive for the Register of crypto asset services providers of 2021
  • CySEC Policy Statement no. PS-01-2021 on the Registration and Operations of Crypto-Asset Services Providers
  • Which CASP is obliged to Register in CySEC? (territorial scope)
  • Submission of application for registration in the CASP Register
  • Key Obligations for CASP registration and CySEC approach
  • Initial Capital of CASPs
  • Registration charges
  • Current status of the CASP Registers in CySEC
  • Profile of RT Digital Securities Cyprus Ltd
  • Pre- and post-approval requirements for the registration in the CAPS Register of CYSEC
  • Minimizing the risk of theft or loss of the crypto assets of CAPSs’ clients
  • The “arrival” of MiCA
  • Transparency of crypto asset transfers


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