Real Estate and due diligence



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Loucas  Andreou


Cyprus, a country offering low personal, corporate and real estate taxation, high standards of living, safe and secure environment, constitutes a unique destination for property purchasing. Following the financial crisis, the Cyprus economy has recovered and real estate is once again on the rise. 


Any investment in real estate property, from sale and rental agreements to multimillion property investment, requires substantial legal skills, which our firm has acquired through years of experience. Ierotheou, Kamperis & Co LLC proceeds with the following pre-contract due diligence inquiries:

·         Town Planning and Building Permits,

·         Title of ownership of land,

·         Final Approval by Municipality/Town Planning Authority (if any),

·         Consent of owner for search at the Land Registry,

·         Information on any mortgages/charges on the property,

·         Waiver from the credit institution, in case a mortgage is registered.


Following the above due diligence steps to secure the interests of the buyer or the seller, we proceed with the negotiation and drafting of the Final Purchase or Long-Term Lease Contract and its registration to the Land Registry and issue of titles of ownership or leasehold. We also offer a wide range of post-contract services, such as the approval from the District Administration for the acquisition of real estate from third country nationals.