Legislative Drafting: Good Law



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Spyros Ierotheou 

Michail Kamperis




Our Legislative Drafting Practice consists of the 2 name partners who have been drafting laws and subsidiary legislation in both Greek and English for the past 20 years, firstly at the Cyprus Attorney General’s Office and secondly as private legislative drafters acting on behalf of governmental and semi governmental authorities.

During 2017-2018 we have participated in the Joint Committee of Greek and Turkish Cypriots representatives acting in the context of the negotiations for the settlement of the Cyprus problem. We drafted more than 70 laws and regulations covering the whole spectrum of the Merchant  Shipping Legislation of the Federal State that would be established as a continuance of the Republic of Cyprus.

We are currently drafting legislation which will regulate digital signature and identification in Cyprus.


Our extensive experience during the last 20 years covers the drafting of new and amending laws and regulations on the following public interest topics:

  • Merchant Shipping
  • Antiquities 
  • Forest Law, in cooperation with FAO
  • State Aid and Competition
  • Agriculture
  • Income Tax and VAT
  • Energy and oil exploration 


We fully support and practice the Good Law Initiative which was firstly introduced by the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel in UK. 

OPC would like the user to experience good law - law that is:        

  • necessary
  • clear
  • coherent
  • effective
  • accessible