2020 Summer Vacation Scheme

Our Firm is recruiting for two successful applicants to join our summer three-week vacation scheme.

Why should I do a vacation scheme?

• You’ll work and spend three weeks in two different departments, Corporate and Litigation
• Get involved in meetings, court appearances and real client work
• Network with our current lawyers and personnel 
• Pump your chances for a trainee position in our firm. 

Information about the 2020 scheme

For all students from penultimate-year onward and graduates
Choose between 22 June – 10 July 2020 and 13 July – 31 July 2020.
Applications opened on 3 February 2020 and shall close on 15 April 2020.
Deadline for applications is 15 April 2020.
Interviews will be running in 21-27 April 2020